Monday, March 22, 2010

Whatcha Pin Up To?

What type of Pin Up are you? I should create a facebook quiz for this, haha! Are you a vintage revivalist? Do you like to wear vintage reproduction clothing like from Vivien of Holloway or from Whirling Turban? Do you wear your hair in victory rolls everyday or in a short hair do like June Cleaver? Can you never be seen in a pair of jeans?
Or do you like the sweet innocence of pre 1940's era? Think along the lines of anthropologie. You like to wear little silk dresses and hats, and have picnic's by the sea? (I dunno) LOL
Or are you the punk rock chick that has ink and iron? Do you shop at Sourpuss Clothing and don't feel right unless you have a skull clip in your hair or a pair of monster flick ballet flats on?
Or are you like me and you love the hot and sexy and sometimes sophisticated looks like those on Pin Up Girl Clothing? This site offers smokin' duds sure to score you a man, keep the man you've got or just go out and break some hearts while out with your girls.
Whatever the case, the Pin Up world is sure to have a place for you, wether you are a vintage purist, a punk rock girl, a modern pin up or a tiki lover, your style is sure to be welcomed into this crowd.
A good site to check out to chat and meet others that share similar interests with you is The site has great links, forums, a discussion area where you can start a conversation on just about anything. They have groups that you can join made up of members who have the same interests as you. It's just like a Facebook for Pinup. You can find my profile on there, and I hope to see yours on there soon! XOXO, Aubrey

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