Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eyes Lips Face

Sooo, I tried E.L.F cosmetics. They are well known for having affordable cosmetics. Hmmm. We are talking $1-$3 per item for most. I didn't want to go overboard and order a ton of things without knowing if I was going to like them or not. Now, I didn't try everything, so all you E.L.F lovers please do not get mad at me when I say, I really wasn't impressed with much. Now, saying that, I will tell you what I liked and didn't like about what I bought. I did like the brushes I bought, they seem to be sof and they do the trick. They are definitly inexpensive enough to buy a few backups for when your brushes are inbetween cleanings. I like the concealer brush from the studio line, and the eyeliner brush from the studio line (even though mine came bent from shipping, $3 is not work the return). I also like my fan brush, does the trick for $1. The detail brush is good for eyeshadows.
I also liked the bronzer, Sun Kissed. I have actually been using it as a blush the last few days, with their all over face stick in peachy over the top for some shimmer. I like that combination. The cream eyeshadows duo's are great for a base coat, but I would not use them alone. I like the eggplant combo.
Now, for the tough part. The liquid eyeshadow is horrible, it smears and spreads into oblivion somewhere, I dunno where but it's definitly not on my eyes when I'm done applying. Their liquid eyeliner is kinda dry and rough and it pulls on your eye to much during application. Nice pen shape but I'm sorry, I just couldn't take it. Not for me, I am partial to gel liners anyway. The mascara duo for $1 is actually pretty good, but it smears throughout the day and it smells bad. The lipglosses are okay, but they have that mint smell that I don't care for, if they were really creamy and nice feeling I could get passed it, but I wasn't that impressed for even $1. So, most likely, I will be buying their bronzer, all over face sticks, creme eyshadows to use as bases, and brushes. Overall, not too impressed, but you do get what you pay for, right?

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