Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let's empower ourselves. My Dream Series has begun.

Hey ladies,
           I put an earlier post on last week about taking 100% repsonsibility for your life and your actions. If you haven't read it it yet, please take the time to read it. If it helps you in some way,  please share ;)  Contrary to how most people think, I actually am highly interested in your life and would LOVE ( <----emphasis) to hear about whether or not these few words of encouragement may have helped.  I've also inlcluded a clip from MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL  below with my reflection on the before mentioned topic. Oh, by the way, this will begin my weekly views on life, love, and success. Since it's all about achieving your dreams. I wll aptly name it the Dream Series. I hope to hear from you soon and Take Care - Aubrey XOXO


  1. I just started a brand new blog about myself thanks to you. I mention you in it as well. Follow me and respond to me to encourage me along!! <3

  2. Love your site and the videos! They're all great and I love the styles you focus on.