Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heyyyy Sugar Lips!

Sugar Lips, has been used as a term of endearment for decades. Not always welcomed, often the choice of sleezy guys trying to pick up on women. Well, now sugar lips has got a whole new meaning! If your lips are left dry, chapped and peeling from the blustering winter winds, try this out. Easier than PIE. All you need is some sugar ( light brown works best ) and a plain ol' stick of chapstick. What you do is crank up the ol' chapstick until you have it sticking a little bit out of the tube. Pour a teaspoon of sugar in a bowl, and dip the chapstick into the sugar until its coated. Then proceed to put on the sugar coated chapstick on your lips! This will help exfoliate all the not so nice looking skin from your lips. Of course remove it when you're done ;) TIP: This works really good when before you take a shower you apply some lip moisturizer or vasoline, then do the sugar lip scrub after your shower. =)
******* Good luck and get those lips ready for some smoochin' this springtime!

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