Saturday, March 20, 2010

Take 100% responsiblity for your life

Hey ladies,
         I figured it's about time I let you guys in on how I think. I want you to know how I believe most people should feel inside.  First off, I am a heavy advocate for people living their lives to the fullest and utilizing their minds to create whatever they want.  I truly believe that, not one person is beneath another.  All of us are special in our own way.  I love make-up, hairstyling, shopping, and fashion.  However my true passion in life is helping others realize that the world is better place with them in it.
         I used to be a manger working endless hours with acquaintances and spending less time with my husband and son. Fortunately, because I took the correct actions at the right time, I was able to quit my day job and be a stay at home mom that works from home.  I've started my own floral events business, which has taken off quite nicley.  As you know, I've already started my youtube channel and my own blog.  I've recently garnered some attenion from one of the biggest Pin Up Clothing companies.  My viewership is moving along wonderfully on youtube and I am expecting big things in this upcoming year. One of my goals this year is to propel my channel on the frontpage of the "How-To Gurus" page.  To think, all of this started from the fact that I decided to take 100% responsiblity for my life.
        What do I mean by that?  It means to stop the blaming and complaining.  I realize that I am fully responsible for everything and all events that happen to me.  I control what happens to me. I control how I react to events and situations.  My thoughts create my future. I admit that I had a bit more of a pessimistic frame of mind in the past and all it did was lead me to a dead end everytime.  Once I stopped blaming anyone and everyone other than myself, is when everything started to change.  I no longer stress out so bad. I don't hold grudges anymore.  The petty arguments and pointless debates have virtually disappeared. Not only do I feel better emotionally inside, but my body feels better. I feel alive & healthier. I sleep better, which in turn causes me to wake up relaxed and exhilirated. Not everyday is perfect for me but I will say that my life is great.  If you took 100% responsiblity for your life, how many mountains could you move?

        Join me weekly, as I will be reflecting my thoughts on life, love, laughter, and why I think it's important for all of us to realize that whatever we put our mind to, we can can create.  If this post hit close to home and affected you in some way, I encourage to to share.  Please join me on my youtube channel as I will be expressing my opinion on this subject.  My video will be released later on this week. Take care- Aubrey XOXO


  1. That is 100% true! As soon as I started doing things my way, my life got so much happier! I just stopped worrying about what other people's judgment might be of my choices. I make my choices now with my whole heart in them, and my life has gotten so much better. Way to go Aubrey! It can be a hard thing to do, but it works out in the end.

  2. Did you ever watch the series "Monk"? One episode Monk realizes that happiness is a choice, something he saw on a bumper sticker if my memory serves me correctly. I shortly after that episode realized how true that is, we make our own happiness and we definitely make our own misery. I have adopted this mindset and try my best to live by it. I wish I had more of your gumption though to pursue my dreams without fear. Someday girl, someday.