Monday, March 1, 2010

Perk Up Your Old Spring Wardrobe With a Few New Accessories

Spring is here and a bunch of us are starting to hit the stores in search of new threads. If you can afford it then great! But if your pocketbook is feeling a little light these days consider dressing up your current wardrobe with a few accessories that will be sure to add a whole new light to your last seasons style.

Vintage scarves are one way to add some sweetness to springtime dresses of seasons passed. Look for light colors. Creams, orangy tangerines, coral, sweet pinks and blushes. Also, remeber that colors like coral look great when combined with cream or turquoise.

A great thing to add instead of scarves are necklaces. There are many ribbon type necklaces to choose from this season that add a splash of color as well as sparkle. Check out these for example, or learn to make your own with some items you may already have by clicking here.

Don't forget to add a innocent looking clutch to the mix. Ditch your heavy shoulder breaking bags from this fall and winter for a lighter look. Search your local antique stores for great deals on sweet sophisticated clutches. They will run from about $7.00 to $30.00 for most stores.

Stuck with a bunch of tired looking dresses and tunics? Why not pair them with some textured tights and belts to bring life back to them? Belts are a dime a dozen these days, and tights when done correctly can bring a cool vintage feel to the simplest sheath dresses or tunics.

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