Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sizes...What are they good for?

     Absolutely nothing. Want to know why I don't get hung up on what size I am? Because it doesn't matter. For years girls and women alike have been fretting over what size jeans they wear. Or what dress size they are. I used to be like this. Don't get me wrong, after I had my son I looked at my size 6slim jeans and then at my new size 10 jeans and felt a little bad. A years have passed and I learned a few things about myself and about sizes. I have done a lot of online shopping and shopping in general and I noticed that sizes vary drastically from one manufacturer to another. In one brand you may be a 10 and in another you may be an 8. In one brand you may be a medium and in another a large. Am I killing myself over it? No. Here's why.
     There is a little thing called feedback. Sometimes we get it from others. It can be anything from a glance, a compliment or someone really giving it to you. We also give ourselves feedback. It can be feeling happy and exuberant. Or it can be feeling grumpy, angry, stressed out, and upset. What does this have to do with sizes? Your clothes should fit YOU, whatever size YOU are. If you're happy, I mean truely happy with yourself, if you wake up happy with the way you feel and look everyday. Why should it matter what SIZE you are? You can be a 2 or a 22. Happiness comes in a sizes and shapes. On the other hand if you aren't happy with the way you feel, you look at yourself in the mirror and know you need to make a change so that you do feel better, then it's time to start taking the steps you need to, to get to that ideal goal. The bottom line for me is, I made amends with my new post baby 'size'. Can I stand to feel a little better? Yes. Am I taking the steps to get to that goal? Yes, I'm starting now.
     I don't really know what size I am. I buy clothes, that fit me. When I go into dressing rooms I usually take 3 different sizes with me, to try on. The best way to shop online is to take your measurments, a bust, a waist, and a hip measurment. Most online retailers have sizing charts available on their sites to go by. This tends to work the best. So the next time you start to get hung up on what size jeans you just bought, ask yourself for a little feedback and then decide how you really feel about it.

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