Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zombies and Kittens and Skulls OH MY!!

So this isn't your average zombie story here. We all have the picture of what a zombie is supposed to look like in our minds. The ripped up clothes, patchy hair, blistery skin, blood dripping from the mouth, limping, fresh out the grave, slow walking creatures that they are. Or are they? Lately I have been looking around at some of the Pin Up clothing sites and have seen some pretty darn cute zombie styles that bring a whole new light to the word scary. These aren't scary at all! From hair clips with a zombie-fied Hello Kitty on them, to pink hair bows with green skulls in the center, these things are adorable! There is a whole other genre within the Pin Up world. The classic Pin Up meets horror. Horror movies have been a staple of American past time, whether you think so or not. Just about as long as blond and brunette bombshells have been around. House of Wax, Frankensteins Daughter, The Bad Seed and Teenage Zombies are just a few popular one's from the 1950's. I personally think that this style is pretty cute when it's done the right way. I have always liked it but never ventured to create a look based on it. I think the time has come...Look for my Zombie Pin Up inspired look coming soon!

Hello Kitty Artwork found online by Blue Undine

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