Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So, yesterday I was on Youtube looking up random things like I usually do and I had a memory from my childhood spring up. Maybe my mind got sparked from all the movie remakes coming out about Transformers, G.I. Joe's and other cartoons and toys from my past..okay well Transformers may not be from my past but I remember my older brother used to watch this religiously every Saturday morning. Anyway, I remembered one of my favorite cartoons from the eighties..The Popples!! I thought okay, there is no way anybody has a clip of that show on Youtube..but I typed it in and low and behold...there it was!! So after watching a couple episodes (more like 5 or 6) I came to a funny realization, maybe. Okay so we all know that what you watch on TV as a kid can shape and mold who we are today right? Or so we've been told. But getting back to the point, one of the characters on this show, a girl popple named 'Party' is a pink popple who likes to have fun, celebrate, and giggles after every single sentence she says. HMMM. I know I watched this show everyday of my life for a few years, but is it really possible that I actually took on some of the characteristics of this popple? HAHA...I have been known to giggle a lot and to always want to play and not work...And then this made me think about something else. I had a computer game on a floppy disc when I was about seven or eight. I know...floppy disc right? Not the small one's either..we are talking five inches here...Anyway, it was a Barbie game. The whole object of the game was that Ken calls you and tells you he is picking you up for a date at seven o'clock or something...Then you have to go to the mall, pick out an outfit, go home get dressed etc. and if you didn't have on the correct attire for the date Ken would call and say " Sorry Barbie, plans have changed." UUGGHH...How horrible is that game?!?! Maybe that's why growing up I always changed my clothes 20 times before leaving the house to go out, for fear of not being accepted or included in society!!! Okay probably not the reason but I still think that was a horrible game for young girls haha...like so not the message you want to be sending right? Anyway, just felt like sharing that little tidbit with you guys!!

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