Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Talk about conversation hearts!!!

Being able to splurge on luxury bath items, is a girls therapy from
everyday life.
Being able to splurge on luxury bath items at an
affordable price is even better. That is Bathgasm's
specialty.Some of you are probably familiar with items like bath bombs,
bath fizzes among other bath products. You are also probably familiar
with big name companies like LUSH who sell these products. I was so
lucky to have come across a GREAT company who
specializes in making/selling these fabulous items. Imagine yourself
after a long day soaking in a warm bath filled with the aroma of
your favorite fruit. Or spending a half an hour in a hot bath on a cold
day with the smell of the tropical beverage Pina Colada
surrounding you. Visit http://bathgasm.com and make that
a reality for yourself! You will not regret this purchase! They have
the best deals on their bath fizzies and they are spectacular! Some of
the products they have right now for Valentine's day are giant sized
conversation hearts! You get 5 of them for $15.00 USD!
Also cute round bath fizzies with pink hearts on them, 3
for $9.75 USD
! The quality of them is fantastic. When I
dropped my Valentines' Day Buttercream Cupcake
scent bath fizzie into my warm bath it fizzed for about 2-3 minutes
filling my entire bathroom with the scent of fresh cupcakes and made
my water rich and moisturizing. I didn't even have to apply lotion
when I got out! Bottom line is, you can still afford to feel amazing
and beautiful, or give a great gift to someone or yourself this
Valentine's Day or any day throughout the year. I will be ordering
more from Bathgasm very soon. You should take the
time to check it out! Hope this was helpful!
XOXO, Aubrey

website http://bathgasm.com
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