Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hidden Gem, Molten Metal?

It isn't hard to find great makeup if you know where to look! Well, in this case I've done the looking and the finding for you. This hidden gem is better known as My Beauty Addiction I was very pleased when I tried out the mineral eyeshadows for the first time. I could not believe how much color was in the shadows! They are more like a pigment they are so rich in color. I am actually in love with the Molten Metals line! It's like you're pouring melted gold on your eyelids! I can't wait to show you more looks with the other colors I have. Viva Las Vegas is a pink that I am dying to try out, also Aquadise looks GREAT! Another great thing I tried was their gel eyeliner. It is very comparable to the gel liner by Studio Gear that I use. What I did was wear grey eyeshadow with MBA's pink gel eyeliner and it was AWESOME! The liner stayed on all day! (and I even wore it out for a day of shopping and walking around outside in the sun) haha...The eyeshadows are offered at the great price of $5.00 for a 5g jar, Molten Metals are $5.00 for a 3g jar and the gel liner is $8.25! Awsome makeup for awesome prices!

Mineral makeup is pretty cool because you can go from a very natural look, to over the top, colorful looks. offers a huge selection of colors of shadows and other products as well. Make sure you check out their website for more information and to take a look at their product assortment. Make sure you add them on Facebook and Twitter too for updates and sales info! I've also included their product description:

Our Molten Metals are pure metallic pigments. They are made from bronze and copper powders and silica. No micas, no oxides, no fillers or dyes.The true beauty of these pigments is hard to capture on camera. They shimmer with a uniquely super-saturated and metallic chroma.Smolder is a deep rich super saturated burgandy/wine shadeAged Gold is a super saturated bronzy/goldBurnished is a super saturated color with a deep gold hueGold Olive is a super saturated gold with an olive green undertoneGoldenrod is a super saturated golden brownMilk Chocolate is a super saturated metallic bronze/brownRust is a super saturated warm brown with copper undertones Umber is a super saturated deep red brown
Coppermine is our newest color. This is a rich, super saturated metallic copper red.3gram jar. Our jars are packed FULL to the BRIM (and often overflowing!). We tamp down the jars and add more product until we cant fit any more in the jar!
Good Luck & take care my pin up ladies - Aubrey XOXO

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