Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To wear or not to wear?

So I have always loved to swim. It's relaxing and it is great excersize, for your body and it helps to clear my mind. I use to wear regular sports type of swimsuits to do lap swimming. This year I think I am ready to change it up! I was thinking about wearing my Nautical Swimsuit: the Bettie Retro One Piece Swimsuit in Navy Blue by PinupCouture from Is that too much? haha. It is a great fit. It is snug and super holds you wardrobe mishaps here. Also it give you a feminine look and feel. I haven't worn it too much before, one or two times I think. But it has been begging me to use it and I think I am going to wear it for my 3 times a week swim sessions! I Love this swimsuit!!!


  1. I have it and love it!!! I also got the most super cute Sailor Peeptoe shoes to match on PUG! Great taste darling.


  2. Great clothes are designed to be worn Aubrey... Go for it! I would be a little worried about the chlorine affecting it... But maybe just wear it every time you need to feel a little more glamorous.....