Monday, January 25, 2010

A girl's gotta have shoes!!!!

So, I have always loved the feeling of getting new shoes..
what girl doesn't? But now I have a whole new addiction. ! How is it possible that I never knew about
this place before? So I was on FB and I was complaining
about how every online retailer I was checking out was
OUT of STOCK in the shoes I wanted to buy or their shipping
was going to take wayyyy to long for me. ( I needed the
shoes in a week for the photoshoot I did ). One of my friends
suggested So I checked it out and goodness...
not only do they have alllll of my favorite shoes ( by Pleaser )
but if you live in the USA they offer FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!!
And they actually DID arrive the very next day!!!!!!!!!
Girls...this means you get almost instant gratification! can buy your shoes for your Valentine's outfit and
get them in time!!! How wonderful is that? Sooo that you for saving me!! I have put a direct link in the
sidebar for the black shoes I wore during my photoshoot..
and they are comfy too let me tell you..and also for the
hot red pair I am going to buy next!! Hope you girls like them.

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