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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not Your Grandmas Shoes...Oh Wait Yes they are!!!

An oldie but goody, Keds have been a staple of feminine fashion for decades. Started in 1916, these fashionable, sweet sneakers were worn on the tootsies of some of America's Sweethearts. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroes, Jackie O. Hey, if they are good enough for these ladies they are good enough for me! I do not currently own a pair of these puppies, but there is a pair (or two) that have got my name all over them...Keds new line, Dolce Vita, sport subtle pastel colors like, Ocean Blue, Celery green and Quail Lavender. Some other wear worthy colors are Bubble Gum Pink and Violet. Of course don't leave out the classic White, Navy, and Red. Any Nautical Pin Up girl can be seen wearing these for a day of sailing...or just pretending. Perfect mates for dungarees, shorts or capris. So let your feet set sail in a pair of Keds this Spring and Summer season. Get your pair now on just in time for your Memorial Day Picnic.

About Keds, taken from
"In 1916, Keds created an American Classic: the first shoe with a soft rubber sole, so comfortable & quiet you could "sneak" up on your boyfriend. This original sneaker, called "the Champion" has remained a style icon for over ninety years. Worn by Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, and consistently celebrated by Vogue, Elle and Women's Wear Daily, Keds continues to attract fashion designers, stylists and top editors in the industry with their classic, authentic style. Today, a new generation has discovered the Keds brand, which is helping to inspire a collective spirit of new American style, youthful optimism, collaboration and togetherness."

Friday, April 30, 2010

Stay Warm This Spring With These Sweet Sweaters

Spring is here and the weather is fickle. One day it's warm and sunny, the next day, the sky is full of sprinkles. Don't get caught on a cold day without a sweater! These thin cardigans are sure to keep your arms warm and keep you styling this season. They are also easy to store in a tote or to keep handy in your car. You can go sweet or sassy with these new styles from and


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To wear or not to wear?

So I have always loved to swim. It's relaxing and it is great excersize, for your body and it helps to clear my mind. I use to wear regular sports type of swimsuits to do lap swimming. This year I think I am ready to change it up! I was thinking about wearing my Nautical Swimsuit: the Bettie Retro One Piece Swimsuit in Navy Blue by PinupCouture from Is that too much? haha. It is a great fit. It is snug and super holds you wardrobe mishaps here. Also it give you a feminine look and feel. I haven't worn it too much before, one or two times I think. But it has been begging me to use it and I think I am going to wear it for my 3 times a week swim sessions! I Love this swimsuit!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010 is Almost Done!!!! yay ;)

Hey ladies,

I just wanted to say that I am so happy that MY SITE is almost done. My wonderful husband has been working on it diligently and I can’t wait anymore. hehe. We are inputting alot of information within the next 2 weeks and should have this site fully functioning by the 18th of April. You will still be able to check out my blogspot for current posts until my launch of this site is complete, I don’t plan on taking my blogspot down anytime soon so please keep supporting me and checking it out. Don’t forget to pass along the word to your friends and family via email or my personal love, Social Media Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and

I also encourage you to take a look around at all my links in my navigation menu. Some have info already and some don’t. But please feel free to browse. My goal to you all, is to post something everyday in my blog. I do plan on taking weekends off from writing and vids but will make sure there is always something fresh and new for you to see. So until the full site launch in about 2 weeks, please stay tuned to my blogspot and youtube channel. Thanks for stopping by and Take Care – Aubrey XOXO

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sizes...What are they good for?

     Absolutely nothing. Want to know why I don't get hung up on what size I am? Because it doesn't matter. For years girls and women alike have been fretting over what size jeans they wear. Or what dress size they are. I used to be like this. Don't get me wrong, after I had my son I looked at my size 6slim jeans and then at my new size 10 jeans and felt a little bad. A years have passed and I learned a few things about myself and about sizes. I have done a lot of online shopping and shopping in general and I noticed that sizes vary drastically from one manufacturer to another. In one brand you may be a 10 and in another you may be an 8. In one brand you may be a medium and in another a large. Am I killing myself over it? No. Here's why.
     There is a little thing called feedback. Sometimes we get it from others. It can be anything from a glance, a compliment or someone really giving it to you. We also give ourselves feedback. It can be feeling happy and exuberant. Or it can be feeling grumpy, angry, stressed out, and upset. What does this have to do with sizes? Your clothes should fit YOU, whatever size YOU are. If you're happy, I mean truely happy with yourself, if you wake up happy with the way you feel and look everyday. Why should it matter what SIZE you are? You can be a 2 or a 22. Happiness comes in a sizes and shapes. On the other hand if you aren't happy with the way you feel, you look at yourself in the mirror and know you need to make a change so that you do feel better, then it's time to start taking the steps you need to, to get to that ideal goal. The bottom line for me is, I made amends with my new post baby 'size'. Can I stand to feel a little better? Yes. Am I taking the steps to get to that goal? Yes, I'm starting now.
     I don't really know what size I am. I buy clothes, that fit me. When I go into dressing rooms I usually take 3 different sizes with me, to try on. The best way to shop online is to take your measurments, a bust, a waist, and a hip measurment. Most online retailers have sizing charts available on their sites to go by. This tends to work the best. So the next time you start to get hung up on what size jeans you just bought, ask yourself for a little feedback and then decide how you really feel about it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heyyyy Sugar Lips!

Sugar Lips, has been used as a term of endearment for decades. Not always welcomed, often the choice of sleezy guys trying to pick up on women. Well, now sugar lips has got a whole new meaning! If your lips are left dry, chapped and peeling from the blustering winter winds, try this out. Easier than PIE. All you need is some sugar ( light brown works best ) and a plain ol' stick of chapstick. What you do is crank up the ol' chapstick until you have it sticking a little bit out of the tube. Pour a teaspoon of sugar in a bowl, and dip the chapstick into the sugar until its coated. Then proceed to put on the sugar coated chapstick on your lips! This will help exfoliate all the not so nice looking skin from your lips. Of course remove it when you're done ;) TIP: This works really good when before you take a shower you apply some lip moisturizer or vasoline, then do the sugar lip scrub after your shower. =)
******* Good luck and get those lips ready for some smoochin' this springtime!